Karola Grünenbaum left the town Hannover, Germany behind with her camera and has travelled the world, capturing striking images of people in the streets. She is a true people’s person and this is reflecting in each picture. In the course of the years Karola Grünenbaum moved on towards model photography and her work documents a timeless celebration to of human nature in its infinite range.

“I want to capture the beauty of the person I photograph. I truly think that a portrait is an image that expresses something about that particular person’s life and personality. I feel a connection with the person I photograph. For me a photo is successful when you work out your own thoughts and concepts in order to achieve artistic photography. It is the photographer’s responsibility to capture the essence of that person in the setting. As a photographer you need to know what you want.”

Inspired by Helmut Newton and tutored by Ed Kashi, Andreas Bitesnich, Greg Gorman - to name a few - added to her inspiration and creativity. From personality portraits and fine art work, Karola Grünenbaum has developed and showcased her own unique style in her work.

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